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Chinet TV Commercial


Commercial Photo Shoots 


-Power Plate Photo Shoot-

    -May 2008-
Motion fitness training

for the elite athlete



-Be Primitive Photo Shoot-  
    -March 2008-
Extraordinary collections
from around the world


Michael Moran Photo Shoot-                  
    -July 2004-

Famed photographer Michael Moran
& society architect Alexander Gorlin
teamed for a photo shoot at Chicago
de Blanco that has now graced 10
publications worldwide, comprising
4 books (2 covers), 3 magazines,
2 newspapers and 1 catalogue.


-Winter Recording Sessions-
    -Winter 2006-


-Crate & Barrel-CB2- 

    -April 2007-
Crate & Barrel’s CB2 recently performed a
photo shoot at Chicago de Blanco to display
their newest line of modern home furnishings.